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Custom Merchandise Tags With String

Custom Merchandise Tags With String

Custom Merchandise Tags With String
*Material Eco-friendly
*Style Various
*Can be used for Garment and textile


Custom Merchandise Tags With String is attached to an item that provides information about its composition and proper tagging and use. Tag is a small part of clothing,but it can show the brand,style.Custom Merchandise Tags are very important for clothing,especially for famous brand clothing.  It may be a more subtle way of marketing products, but the tag can clearly convey the information of the product. We manufacture and supply tag design products that add value to your products and provide buyers with concise information.


*Material Eco-friendly

*Style Various

*Custom Merchandise Tags With String can be used for Garment and textile

*Samples Charge free and fastest delivery

Product Features

1. This Custom Merchandise Tags With String can be used to mark the color code or special considerations and price of your product.
2. This price paper label is equipped with a rope and you can hang it directly on your clothes. It is blank, made of card stock and has a smooth surface.
3. Available in any size. The minimum size of the merchandise paper label is ideal for jewelry.
4. When you want to draw attention to the product, consider using a color price paper label, such as a fluorescent yellow label. All labels have a polished surface for writing.
5. We can provide OEM services for you. Our stable quality and competitive price can help you easily promote your brand.   

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