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Self adhesive label classification

Shenzhen Rongfulai Packing Co.,Ltd | Updated: Feb 01, 2016

To use surface material: die paper wood free paper, copperplate paper art paper (shading and specular), transparent PVC, electrostatic PVC, pet, laser paper, resistance to temperature paper, PP, PC, kraft paper, paper with fluorescent, sense of thermal paper, copper dragon, and silver dragon, gold paper, silver paper, synthetic paper (CPC/PP/HYL/ and tough paper / pearlescent paper / pearlescent film), aluminum foil paper fragile (Security), paper, textured paper, cloth standard (Tyvek / nylon), Pearl Dragon, sandwich etching and thermal paper.

With the use of membrane class: pet transparent, translucent pet, OPP transparent, translucent OPP, PVC transparent, bright white PVC, no light white PVC, synthetic paper, bright gold (silver) polyester, no light gold (silver) polyester.

In order to use the adhesive type: General super adhesive, universal strong adhesive type, cold food strong adhesive type, general re opened type, fiber and then opened type.

To use at the end of paper: white, blue and yellow glassine paper glassine (or garlic bulb onion), kraft paper, polyester PET coated paper, polyethylene polyethylene.

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